Frequent Asked Questions

Qn:  Where are your branches located?
Ans: Currently we have 2 branches Kasangati  opposite football field, Gayaza road,  70m from the kasangati cross road and Kyaliwajala, Kireka Road,  opposite GT bank ( Former Fina Bank).

Qn: How long are your driving lessons?
Ans: We have 30 minutes daily driving lessons and 1 hour daily driving lessons for 5 days a week. But if you are a busy person during the week we have on arrangement training sessions for weekends.

Qn: How much is the total charges for both driving and permit processing?
Ans: The total charge is 482,000.This includes 392,000 paid in the office and 90,000 paid directly at Face technology.

Qn: Can I collect my permit from your offices.
Ans: No, permits can only be collected in person from face technology-Kyambogo but we shall process all the documents for you to be able to collect it.

Qns: Why do I have to go to face technology in person, why can’t I send someone else to collect the permit on my behalf?
Ans: The new permits are computerized, so it requires digital passport size photos, finger prints, signatures which are only done at face technology.

Qn: Can I have lessons for less than 3 weeks as stated in your inquiry form?
 Ans: Yes, it’s possible your daily driving minutes will be increased to an hour a day. It’s important to get the minimum training hour required by law.

Qn: What do I need to only process permit?
Ans: For clients who only needs permit processing, we subject to a test to confirm your competence in driving and then process your permit in a period of 10 days. So long as you are available when you are required to come.

Qns: Is the theory class really necessary?
Ans: Before practical driving is conducted all learners MUST be introduced to driving through theory. It’s what is in theory training that gives drivers all the understanding of raod safety. Theory includes (The highway transportation system, the road signs, Basic Mechanics, Model city board and Basic First aid training)

Qn: What I do if I don’t want to go for police ( I.O.V) test , what options do I have?
Ans: It’s a requirement by law for all learners to be subjected to police ( I.O.V) test before getting a full permit. We at Victoria School of Motoring have it made this easier for all our clients by taking you through an internal pretest.

Qn: Can I be able to pay the fee in installments and how much?
Ans: Yes, We have installment payments spread out through the driving weeks, 1st week 200,000, 2nd week 100,000 and 3rd week 92,000.

Qn: I have the old book permit, can it be renewed?
Ans: No, It’s not possible to either to convert it or to review it. You will be required to process a new permit.

 Qn: Can I get a discount on the fee charged?
Ans : Yes, our discount is in form of additional 1 week, 30minutes  driving lessons worth Ushs 50,000 for every client who registers for 3 weeks  lessons and permit processing.

Qns: How long does it take for one to get the original permit?
Ans: a) For clients who are driving and processing permit it takes 5 weeks
        b) For clients who are only processing permit it takes 10 days


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